Die Hard Classically trained - House Music artist


Who is Yvonne?

She is art in motion, beauty, creativity and a muse with musicality, all rolled into one package. She is a die-hard, classically trained performer who stays true to her art form. She broke out of the underground dance club scene with quite a bang heard all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and has been hard at work ever since. She has been blazing up the dance floors with her infectious, heartfelt grooves and sultry voice, all the way from New York City to Miami to Rio and Paris! She has also been referred to as 'a firecracker... and rarity in the label-controlled world of female performers,' by Snapop.com.

She ignited a phenomenon with an international hit album, 'Silent War' and received an accolade of hot,smoking reviews. Her sultry and hypnotic beats have been on the wish list of countless disc jockeys world-wide. 'Don't You Know-Revu Par,' 'Over N Over' and 'Set Me Free,' are just a few of her transatlantic hits that have achieved global success! Her debut single, 'Set Me Free' created a firestorm in clubland and the release of 'Don't You Know-Revu Par,' carved out her place in the music industry as a global dance diva.

The single roared through Canada and Europe. Shortly after this, she went in for the kill by teaming up with world-renowned producer, Lewis Martinee, for the release of 'Over N Over' and was heralded as a true, Miami dance anthem. Yvonne has also released national and international remixes with other legends such as Quincy of Beatnik Productions and Dan Mathews- Klubjumpers, plus many more. She has also been featured on over One hundred international radio and internet shows. Since Yvonne surprised for us with “One Kiss” on Phunky Rabbit records out of the UK! She WOW’ed us again, and took the dance industry by storm, while blowing us all a kiss! From UK to NYC and Miami and back again !!! Having build such strong relationships with artists around the globe.

Yvonne has sense taken it upon herself to start her own label LY3, releasing Forever, Don’t you know Miami , No Common Sense – Paving its way to the top of the radio ways, and club charts, Featuring remix talent from around the globe!! I’m Falling – still on high rotation in Chicago to Japan .. And most recently Game for fools, just recently released has been kinking up a fire storm – with a line up of some on the best House music producers in the industry – Rampus, Norway Jamie Vee, UK and Lee Dagger – currently living in the US but very much a global star. No stopping her now – A new release is about to drop in just a few weeks to help pop us all up out of the gloomy 2020 into the rebirth 2021 !! I hear a RUMOR is coming soon!! Sit tight folk – This is just the beginning !!